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New short film script, To Be Me.

I’ve written a new short script, “To Be Me” is the initial title.  It’s only about 4 pages long but the running time would be about 12 minutes, ideal for submitting to film festivals like Cannes, Toronto.

I’m looking to collaborate with someone good at rendering and one actress.

There is 90% SFX and 10% live action

Genre is science fiction.  This is no budget so lots of artistry.  This is not for someone just starting out learning rendering but someone who’d like to work on something intensely creative and mind-blowing.

For the female lead, since on-screen time is limited, your voice is very important and what you can convey emotionally with your voice.

If you’re interested send me links to your work and I’ll send you a pdf.

Here’s a previous short film I did.


My professor of scripts, story and character is Rod Serling.

After reading through a few lame and pretentious blogs which are full of absolute gibberish and bullshit,  I’ll write about Rod Serling one of the few american masters of storytelling.  

Rod Serling won 6 Emmy awards for writing in the “golden age” of TV.  No other writer has accomplished this.  The Twilight Zone has become part of the social consciousness.  This show is over 50 years old yet it still popular and the stories have stood the test of time.  Serling and the Twilight Zone have achieved a sense of immortality.

If you want to be successful take a page from one who was successful instead of the usual, the mediocre.  You will learn little from those who’ve accomplished nothing.

As an artist I pour my soul onto the canvas, as a writer I pour my soul onto the page.  Serling says that he “goes to the typewriter and he bleeds”.  Once you have that level of commitment,  I found my writing flowed.

Later in life Serling taught college at Ithaca and 16 videos exist of him teaching various aspects of characters, story, motivation, so I have posted these at dailymotion for all to watch and learn.  If you watch the videos and absorb them, your writing will get better without a doubt.

next script

Will be about Carole Lombard and Clark Gable.  

The working title is “Last Roar for the King”

3rd epub: script: Free Falling

Title:  Free Falling

Format:  feature length script

ISBN:  979-10-92455-04-5


2nd epub: The Pagan and the Buddhist

Title:  The Pagan and the Buddhist

Format: feature length script

ISBN:  979-10-92455-01-4


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