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Last of the VistaVision KEM tables

Found this photo and it got me thinking back to when I was editing my film.

You can watch it here.

This is the last of the VistaVision head for editing 35mm film, it’s called a KEM table.  There’s nothing quite like that feeling of having film in your hands as opposed to digital ones and zeros.  With the help of friends, I edited my film at the UCLA film archive in Hollywood.

While working at a local lab, I once handled the original camera negative for Lawrence of Arabia.  Pretty cool.




Short Film:: The Journey (2009)

This is a short film I did in 2009. Have a look and post your thoughts and opinions.

Videos of Abstract Paintings

Photographs do not capture my works so I have made a few short videos.

Traditional paintings present the same image, no matter the lighting or viewing angle. Since each metal diffracts and reflects light at different angles, the position of the light and the viewer creates independent images. These works are 3 and 4 dimensional; they move, hover and sway in time and space creating a richer more transcendent experience for the viewer.

abstract painting videos

Why Beauty Matters

<a href="” title=”Why Beauty Matters”>Why Beauty Matters

A great video about why beauty is still important.  

My professor of scripts, story and character is Rod Serling.

After reading through a few lame and pretentious blogs which are full of absolute gibberish and bullshit,  I’ll write about Rod Serling one of the few american masters of storytelling.  

Rod Serling won 6 Emmy awards for writing in the “golden age” of TV.  No other writer has accomplished this.  The Twilight Zone has become part of the social consciousness.  This show is over 50 years old yet it still popular and the stories have stood the test of time.  Serling and the Twilight Zone have achieved a sense of immortality.

If you want to be successful take a page from one who was successful instead of the usual, the mediocre.  You will learn little from those who’ve accomplished nothing.

As an artist I pour my soul onto the canvas, as a writer I pour my soul onto the page.  Serling says that he “goes to the typewriter and he bleeds”.  Once you have that level of commitment,  I found my writing flowed.

Later in life Serling taught college at Ithaca and 16 videos exist of him teaching various aspects of characters, story, motivation, so I have posted these at dailymotion for all to watch and learn.  If you watch the videos and absorb them, your writing will get better without a doubt.

short film:: The Journey

Here’s a short film I did

Here’s the IMDB

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