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Berlin: Hanging at Soundcloud






Visiting Rod Serling

Rod Serling is buried in Interlaken, New York. It was a nice spring day so I came by for a visit.

Most of the graves are hardly visited and in a state of decay, but not Serling’s marker.   Complete strangers including myself have come to pay respects.  Some leave something behind as a way to move forward.

I’ve always wanted to meet Rod Serling but he died when I was very young.  I’m still kind of pissed about that.  So many questions to ask.

Interlaken is one of those old small towns that Serling wrote about from his youth, old fashioned white houses with big front porches, benches to swing on, kids playing in the yard, the kind of place you would spend on a warm summer night with a glass of lemonade talking with your friends watching the world slowly go by.







Japanese filming Amish market

the juxtaposition of Japanese filming amish selling pumpkins is funny.



Last of the VistaVision KEM tables

Found this photo and it got me thinking back to when I was editing my film.

You can watch it here.

This is the last of the VistaVision head for editing 35mm film, it’s called a KEM table.  There’s nothing quite like that feeling of having film in your hands as opposed to digital ones and zeros.  With the help of friends, I edited my film at the UCLA film archive in Hollywood.

While working at a local lab, I once handled the original camera negative for Lawrence of Arabia.  Pretty cool.


Why Beauty Matters

<a href="” title=”Why Beauty Matters”>Why Beauty Matters

A great video about why beauty is still important.  

St Remy:: Horse and Pastis

St Remy de Provence is having festivals this week.  

Yesterday after a parade with bulls through town, a man with too much pastis is now on his horse.



Market day in Mazères, France


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