Artist Statement

Traditional paintings present the same image, no matter the lighting or viewing angle. Since each metal diffracts and reflects light at different angles, the position of the light and the viewer creates independent images. These works are 3 and 4 dimensional; they move, hover and sway in time and space creating a richer more transcendent experience for the viewer.

Defining new “ism”, neo-impressionism. My works stand against the onslaught of the digital static and noise of the modern world, to take the viewer to a space of light and imagination, serenity and the infinite; a world of mindscapes and lightscapes. The works are not labeled because it is up to the viewer to complete the image.

All of my works are done outdoors in nature; painting what I feel about what I see and experience.

The materials I use cannot be bought in any store, I create them with combinations of various metals; copper, brass, bronze, silver, aluminum, tungsten, titanium, et al. I utilize a new technique with space-age chemicals that binds metal to heavy paper. Once dry the metals are permanently embedded into the fibers of the paper.

Since these materials are not fluid like typical artist materials (e.g. oil, acrylic, water colors), to work with them, new tools were created from bamboo, heavy cotton and neoprene. It has taken over 4 years to build a vocabulary.

Like van Gogh, I am bringing the heavens down to earth in the here and now, enjoy the moment.



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